Compsoft decided to move their business model to a more ‘Inbound’ focus, this meant their website needed to reflect that, the website was moved from a combination of ASP.NET & a single WordPress blog, all the content was exported from both platforms, cleansed and reformatted to be used in another CMS of their choice, after much deliberation Compsoft decided to use Hubspot as their CMS platform as well as their CRM. This meant that they could manage their clients and lead data on the same platform as the website as in some cases they work hand in hand.

Hubspot allows you to build page templates using pre-defined modules of content which directly target your clinet or customer, even directly by name, it also has the ability to change page content depending on who might be reading it at that time.

The website was fully re-designed and built around ethos of client contact and new business leads. Compsoft also wanted to make sure they were still able to show off the various mobile device applications that they design and develop in-house, so as well as building the entire Hubspot theme a bespoke portfolio section was also created using various custom fields and content type moduels enabling them to be able to edit and re-arrange the content as they see fit. The Compsoft website also has a full Hubspot integrated Blog.

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